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Moki Is Device Management For Single Purpose Devices

Mobile technology is disrupting commerce.

Commerce, generally defined as attracting and transacting business, is undergoing a dramatic change because of mobile technology – specifically Android and iOS tablet devices. Moki is helping to power this digital revolution through our innovative mobile device management (MDM) platform that has been built from the ground up to manage your single purpose devices. Single purpose devices are devices that have no single user or owner and therefore require a complete remote management solution that enables administrators to install apps and profiles, perform actions, update applications, and control remotely these devices in a completely silent manner. In this way, Moki is a welcome departure from traditional MDM providers that generally require end user interaction to complete device actions.

Moki can be used in a wide array of scenarios to help your business interact with both your customers and employees. Check out our industry solutions and single purpose device scenarios.

With Moki Control, you can...


With Moki, you can take standard Android or iOS tablet devices and turn them into a hardened and purpose-built technology solution. This gives the enterprise the ability to build robust and secure solutions for a fraction of the cost of previous legacy technologies/solutions.


Developing a proof of concept and making it work is one thing. But how do you do that 50,000 times? And how do you get those tablet-solutions into the field without breaking the bank? Through our proprietary technology and partnerships, Moki can make this happen.


Unlike traditional MDM, our device control platform was built from the ground up to manage, support and secure tablet solutions that are placed in customer-facing scenarios. Whether you need to change device settings, update apps or push content, you can do it all.

Powerful solutions on mobile platforms.

Moki allows you to manage iOS devices as well as a wide variety of Android devices including consumer grade tablets, custom built commercial devices, ruggedized tablets and phones, headless devices, and large format high resolution signage devices and are adding new devices and types all the time. Moki knows how to make your projects successful and our innovative tools will simplify your life. Find out how Moki can make the difference for your device management initiatives.

Businesses are succeeding with Moki.

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RAB Lighting Sales Increase


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