RAB Lighting

RAB Lighting is committed to creating high quality, affordable, well designed and energy efficient LED lighting and controls that make it easy for distributors to sell, electricians to install and end-users to save energy.

Founded in 1946, RAB has a vibrantly growing infrastructure of manufacturing facilities and engineering capabilities that ensure great product design and quality.

The Problem

How to Make Your Product Stand Out Amidst Hundreds of Options

Have you walked down the lighting aisle of your local home improvement store recently? There are hundreds of options to choose from in what seems like a sea of lights, wattage, finishes, shapes and sizes.

It’s not just about how the light looks or how it illuminates a certain area of your home either. It’s also about the quality of the manufacturing, the product’s energy saving capabilities, and a host of other options that are hard to communicate when the customer is inundated with options.

The Solution

Customer Facing Devices Help RAB Lighting Outshine Competitors

RAB Lighting created a custom, iPad based, 4’x6’ display, known as RAB’s digital gondola. The digital gondola not only includes shelving for product and literature, but also provides a breath of fresh air for customers – a custom-built header which houses a purposed-iPad.

Through these Customer Facing Devices, RAB is able to broadcast product information in an exciting new way to customers. Custom content like new product information and deals/rebates can not only be displayed, but also updated from RAB’s headquarters and pushed to individual devices in seconds.

Moki Total Control Enables RAB To:

  1. Successfully set-up and deploy the custom iPad experience.
  2. Easily Monitor and control device and app settings.
  3. Distribute new video content instantaneously to its hundreds of gondolas.

The Results

Customer Facing Devices Deliver 40% Increase In LED Sales

Electrical distributors are currently using the RAB product showcase across North America. There are 1,000 gondolas currently up and running with an additional 750 forecasted to be installed in 2014.

Since implementing the gondola, RAB has experienced a 40% increase in LED sales, and enjoys the ease of successfully maintaining, updating and distributing information in real-time.