Moki Q1 Release Notes: Navigating the Cutting Edge of Mobile Device Management

Staying ahead in the realm of mobile device management is a dynamic challenge, one that Moki has more than embraced with its Q1 2024 updates. This extensive review is designed to unpack the wealth of new features and enhancements that Moki Mobile Device Management (MDM) users can now leverage to streamline operations and fortify security protocols. 

Here, we’ll explore updates to Moki’s Android and BrightSign solutions. We’re introducing better Android agent management and improved role and permission controls. Moki’s Q1 releases offer enhanced reliability and flexibility for managing mobile assets.

2.0.109 Android and BrightSign: A Closer Look

The latest version of Moki introduces a host of advances that enhance the granular control IT administrators have over their Android devices. Here’s what you need to know about the standout features.

Enhanced Visibility in Action Sequences

The 2.0.109 update brings clarity to the action sequence summary, providing administrators with specific details on activities such as app installs and profile configurations. The updated summary now also includes run window and expiration settings, which are vital for scheduled tasks.

Improved Manageability of Android Enterprise Devices

The Android Enterprise experience with Moki is getting a significant boost. Users can now cancel Android Enterprise sequences following their scheduling. Additionally, both Android Enterprise and BrightSign action sequences can be configured to recur daily, ensuring consistency in your device management strategy. Within the Android Enterprise devices tab, the feature to showcase the MAC address of the device provides crucial information necessary for network organization and security purposes.

Squashing Bugs for a Seamless Experience

It’s not all about new features — the 2.0.109 update also paves the way for a more robust Moki experience by addressing various bug fixes. These improvements are an investment in a smoother and more reliable MDM operation.

2.0.110 Android and BrightSign: Refined Permissions and Management

The 2.0.110 update takes management to the next level with the introduction of roles and permissions for Android Enterprise and BrightSign, ensuring that the right users have the appropriate level of access to critical operations.

Role-Based Control at Your Fingertips

Moki has introduced roles and permissions for Android Enterprise and BrightSign, allowing for more nuanced control over who can access and manage all areas of the platform. This hierarchical approach is a game-changer, enabling secure and well-defined operational boundaries within the Moki platform. Android Enterprise: A Focus on Device Connectivity

The update zeroes in on the management of Android Enterprise devices by providing an added layer of control over device connectivity features.

New Device Connectivity Features

This release brings a revamped Device Connectivity section within Android Enterprise Policies, consolidating configuration options and enhancing the overall user experience. Previous settings relating to Wi-Fi, USB, and tethering have been redefined and organized under one tab, simplifying the process of device connectivity management.

Automatic Updates for a Seamless Transition

In a thoughtful approach to user transition, all legacy policy settings will be automatically mapped to fit the new options, ensuring there’s no disruption in service. Configuration behaviors that users are accustomed to will remain the same.

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Moki’s dedication to continuous improvement is not just about releasing new features; it’s about empowering you to unlock the full potential of your MDM endeavors. With these Q1 updates, Moki solidifies its position as a leader in Android MDM and BrightSign digital signage management.

Reach out to Moki today to learn how these powerful enhancements can elevate your mobile device management capabilities, ensuring your digital assets are both secure and productive. 


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