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Today’s increasingly mobile workforce makes it a challenge for businesses to manage devices used for work securely. Mobile device management (MDM) provides the tools and technologies to ensure data security, compliance adherence, and enhanced productivity. Moki has successfully utilized MDM solutions with their customers across many industries through improved agility, faster pace, secure technology infrastructure, and cost reductions. This blog post dives into Moki’s most recent customer success stories with our MDM solution and how it leads to streamlined operations, cost savings, and an enhanced customer experience. 

Touch&Tell: Safeguarding Mobile Devices While Increasing Customer Satisfaction 

When Touch&Tell came to Moki, one of their primary concerns was safeguarding their remote digital kiosks and customer data. With Moki’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, they could secure their devices and control access from a centralized platform. 

Moki provided Touch&Tell with a suite of features that enabled them to monitor and manage their mobile devices in real-time remotely. They could oversee device usage, track location, order updates, and monitor battery charge and connectivity from a single dashboard. Additionally, Moki’s device lockdown capabilities allowed for complete protection against unauthorized access, ensuring customer data was always kept confidential. 

Touch&Tell saw significant improvements in overall device management by streamlining the mobile device fleet setup process. Updating devices became more responsive and proactive, saving them valuable time and resources. With Moki’s MDM solution in place, they were able to collect customer data more effectively, providing them with insights into customer feedback that could be used to optimize their experience further. 

With Moki, Touch&Tell safeguarded their devices while improving the customer experience. By enabling data collection in real-time, they have gained valuable insights that can help them tailor their services to deliver a better experience for their customers.

Churchill Forge: Centralized Mobile Device Management & Streamlined Operations

Churchill Forge, a property management company, relies heavily on mobile devices for daily operations. With 47 buildings and 81 Moki-powered mobile devices to manage, keeping track of each device proved a formidable task for their staff. However, once they engaged Moki’s help, they achieved centralized mobile device management across their many properties.

Churchill Forge’s staff can now easily centralize usernames and passwords across all devices by setting up, managing, and securing devices from their Mac mini computers. Moreover, they gained heightened fleet security through device lockdown and simplified device tracking, thereby increasing productivity and protecting devices from unauthorized use. 

Having greater visibility across devices is another benefit Churchill Forge has gained with the help of Moki. They can now monitor the devices’ charge status and receive real-time updates, providing more insights into the devices’ usage and helping optimize operations. These features enable Churchill Forge to better manage its properties across six states while streamlining mobile device operations.

Overall, Churchill Forge is extremely satisfied with Moki and intends to take advantage of more advanced Moki features in the future. This includes Moki’s dashboard tools for streamlining device updates and more. Today, Moki continues to provide clients such as Churchill Forge with effective mobile device management solutions that help to optimize every aspect of their operations.

UMA: Driving Digital Transformation & Gaining Valuable Business Insights 

UMA has led the way in digital transformation for hybrid workplaces by providing its customers with an innovative SaaS platform. With Moki’s MDM solution, UMA can easily manage more than 30 tenants and several devices. 

Businesses that use UMA’s platform have access to a workplace booking solution that offers resource scheduling, analytics, and various business application integrations. Using UMA’s platform, they can gather crucial data-driven insights to optimize their employee experience in hybrid workplaces. And with Moki’s MDM solution, these businesses gain a highly scalable solution that allows for remote control of devices inside and outside meeting spaces.

UMA opted for Moki’s MDM solution to retrieve data from the platform, providing them a wide range of features to monitor various devices across platforms. With the ability to view device status and push updates, UMA’s customers can access devices from anywhere and in real-time, providing them the flexibility to manage their hybrid workplaces effectively.

Overall, UMA wholeheartedly recommends Moki for its 5-star customer service and the platform’s user-friendliness. By partnering with Moki, UMA is driving digital transformation and gaining valuable business insights, making them a leader in the hybrid workplace transformation.

OnQ: Taking Advantage of Seamless Device Set-Up & Cross-Platform Capabilities

OnQ, a company that provides interactive retail experiences for customers, struggled with managing a network of in-store connected digital devices. They required a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that could effectively handle the rapidly growing device fleet. Once Moki stepped in, however, they gained a scalable solution to support any size fleet of devices while working across multiple platforms.

Moki’s platform allowed OnQ to quickly ship out, deploy, and maintain digital signage 24/7 that worked for Android, iOS, & BrightSign devices. With all the APIs in place, the set-up process was seamless, taking less than ten clicks from unboxing to operational display. This meant that OnQ could quickly scale its digital display fleets and eliminate time-consuming troubleshooting for technical issues.

One key reason why OnQ chose Moki was its cross-platform capabilities. With Moki, they managed all their devices and displays, regardless of operating system, from a single dashboard. Additionally, Moki’s dedicated support team gave OnQ the peace of mind knowing they had expert help whenever needed. As a result of Moki’s seamless device set-up and configuration, OnQ could focus on providing the best in-store experiences for its customers.

ConnectUs: Simplifying Deployment, Configuration, & Device Lockdown

ConnectUs, a healthcare company dedicated to providing specialized health study devices to patients, faced a unique challenge before working with Moki. Their client required devices that could be locked down to specific applications while using both English and Spanish, fitting within a particular budget and rolling out within a short timeframe. 

Before, patients could take  home unsecured devices, increasing cellular network bills due to unauthorized device usage. Further complicating things, many of ConnectUs’s older mobile devices were incompatible with modern platforms. This led to higher costs to ConnectUs to maintain their current system.

Fortunately, Moki provided ConnectUs with a flexible MDM solution that met their specifications. This solution included locking down the device to a subset of three apps, ensuring that users could not change settings or access external applications that would increase cellular network costs. This resulted in a significant return on investment for ConnectUs.

Not only did Moki’s solution provide ConnectUs with the necessary device lockdown capabilities, but it also offered a user-friendly interface and streamlined device rollout. By simplifying deployment, configuration, and device lockdown, Moki helped ConnectUs meet their client’s unique needs while staying within budget and ensuring network security.

UCONN: Streamlined Updates & Improved Mobile Device Security 

UCONN needed an efficient scheduling system to manage their over 500 conference and study rooms on their main campus. Their previous online reservation system was confusing and ineffective, leading to a need for a new solution. They implemented Android devices outside each room to display scheduling and status information, which worked well but required manual updates to be performed every time an app update was issued.

UCONN can now remotely monitor, manage, and maintain its dedicated Android devices. As a result, their staff can focus on more critical tasks rather than the tedious process of manually updating each device. Furthermore, Moki’s MDM solution allows UCONN to improve mobile device security. By locking down devices and remotely configuring restrictions, UCONN can prevent unauthorized access to data and ensure their Android devices are always secure. 

With Moki, UCONN was able to streamline its inefficient update process and reduce support calls by over 70%. Overall, Moki’s cloud-based MDM solution proved the perfect solution to UCONN’s needs, offering remote management of devices, device lockdown, and simultaneous remote updates for more streamlined operations. 

Looking to Become Moki’s Next Success Story?

Moki’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution has proven itself a game-changer across various sectors such as healthcare, education, and retail. Its capabilities in device lockdown, seamless device set-up, cross-platform capabilities, and improved security have streamlined operations and significantly enhanced user experience and cost efficiency. If you’re facing challenges in managing your device fleet, Moki could be the scalable, seamless, and secure solution you’ve been searching for.

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