Farewell MokiMobility. Hello Moki!


Being a tech company is pretty cool. Being a tech company with a four-letter, easy-to-pronounce url is cooler.

Our flagship asset, “mokimobility.com” has been replaced by “moki.com.”

Same solutions. Different name. New level of awesome.

The Moki team is constantly working to innovate and evolve the mobile app industry. We’ve created innovative solutions to help companies deploy and manage their mobile initiatives, and we’re busily working on a new type of security for mobile apps.

The switch to moki.com is an exciting one for us. Over the last few months you’ve probably noticed a shift in the look and feel of who we are as well. As the industry has evolved, so has the need to evolve and mature our brand.

This is just the start of many exciting announcements about Moki. Stay tuned.

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