Put Customer Facing Devices In The Hands Of Employees

One of the values of Customer Facing Devices is their ability to empower sales associates and employees to engage customers and deliver top-notch service. Examples of these types of Customer Facing Devices include:

1. mPOS which, among many things, empowers associates to accept payment anywhere in-store instead of requiring customers to wait in line at registers. Not only does this provide a much more pleasant in-store experience (have you purchased something at an Apple Store?), but retailers also report a decrease in abandonment rates and increased sales due to implementing mPOS.

2. Order-fulfillment devices are used by restaurants to improve speed and accuracy when fulfilling orders. These devices are connected to order-taking systems (e.g. online ordering, mobile apps, and table-top tablets) and are used to track and deliver orders quickly and accurately.

3. Sales-assistance devices are put in the hands of associates to help them when engaging with customers. These devices give associates access to real-time inventory (in-store, other locations, online, etc.), provide additional product information, and can also serve as a mPOS when customers are ready to check out or order products for in-store or home delivery.

Clarks Shoes

Clarks Shoes has been manufacturing and selling shoes for almost two centuries. Clarks is a great example of a brand that has adapted and continues to adapt as times and market conditions change. To meet growing consumer demand and increased competition, Clarks is taking industry-leading steps to improve its supply chain and in-store experience using a host of digital technologies.

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One of Clarks initiatives includes putting Customer Facing Devices in the hands of its sales associates to improve customer engagement. These devices empower Clarks to deliver product information to associates’ fingertips so they can keep customers engaged throughout their visit. This initiative allows Clarks to ensure that its physical and online experiences mirror each other resulting in a unified brand experience across channels and increased sales through the reduction of abandonment rates and maximization of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

You can learn more about Clarks’ in-store digital initiatives here.

Clarks is using Moki Total Control to enable their Customer Facing Devices. You can learn how here.

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