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Release Notes 2.0.105 - Android Agent, Android Enterprise, and BrightSign

September 13, 2023


  • When Deleting Apps from the Apps Tab in Android Agent, if the App is Associated with an Enrollment Template, the User will Now be Notified of This. When the App is deleted, it is Automatically Deleted from the Enrollment Template.

  • In Android Agent, if a device has been off line for a long period of time and has built up a lot of pending actions, users can now cancel all of these pending actions at once.

    • Under the device Action History, users can click the “Cancel All Pending Actions” button
    • All pending actions will be marked as Failed
    • When the device comes back on line, it will not need to process through all of the pending actions
  • BrightSign Device Names Changed in Moki will Now Sync to BSN.Cloud Accounts as Well. Read More.

    • NOTE: Devices must have Firmware Version 8.5.35 or higher
  • BrightSign Latest Firmware Versions Will Now Automatically Update as Options in the Setup->BrightSign OS Update Options

  • Android Enterprise Enrollment Tokens Can Now be Set to Expire in 6 months, 1 Year, or Never.

  • Bug Fixes

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