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Tablet-based Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks provide new opportunities for businesses to engage with customers, providing self-service and educational tools. Moki’s remote management capabilities make it easy to quickly deploy, monitor and control tablet-based kiosks. Moki Kiosk mode allows you to lock down your devices to selected URLs and applications to create consistent end-user experiences.

*The example image is the copyrighted property of PatientPoint®. PatientPoint is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing health education company in the physician office. They provide award-winning health information when and where patients and healthcare providers need it. For more information, please click here.

Deliver immersive self-service experiences using Moki locked devices


Simplify Setup for New Stations
Deploying tablets for use as Digital Kiosks can be time-consuming and tedious. Speed up deployments using Moki’s MDM solution. Use Moki’s automated enrollment, app, and profile installations to set up one, or thousands of devices all at once.


Remotely Manage Your Device Fleet
Moki makes it easy to manage all your Digital Kiosks across multiple locations. Moki’s Device Groups and tagging feature allow you to manage devices based on location, region, the content displayed and more. Use these groupings to efficiently update your device content and software, as well as receive alerts to make you aware of potential issues.


Single-Purpose for Increased Security

Using Moki to fully lock your tablet kiosk to a single app, URL, browser, or set of applications you can rest assured that customers are only accessing exactly what you want them to access.


Gain Audience Insights
Want to know if and how customers are interacting with your kiosk? Moki can answer that question. Using our Analytics software, Moki can track how long users interact with your device, and which content is viewed the most.

*Moki Analytics only available for iOS devices


Reduce IT Administration Costs
It may seem impossible to manage several or even thousands of devices from a single location, but with Moki Total Control, you can effectively support a large fleet of Digital Kiosks with ease. Use Moki to remotely control your devices, update your apps, profiles, and device settings without needing to touch your devices physically. Schedule updates to go live at time when your Digital Kiosks are not being used, as not to interrupt your customer’s interaction.

**Remote Control only available for Android devices

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Digital Kiosk FAQs

What types of devices does Moki support?

Moki is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Does Moki provide hardware for digital kiosks?

Moki is not a device manufacturer or reseller. Moki MDM can be pre-installed on devices from our partners. Contact us to learn more about our partner program.

How can I tell if all my devices are running smoothly?

Moki’s customizable alerts notify you in real time if there are issues detected, or the device falls out of compliance.

Is Moki compatible with my CMS system?

Moki runs in the background of the device and is used to set permissions and application profiles only, allowing you to use the software of your choice.

What types of things can digital kiosks be used for?

Businesses are using kiosks for check-in and registration stations, customer reward and loyalty programs, conference and study room booking, newsletter signups, interactive kiosks for product research, endless aisle product displays, micro markets, devices locked to a URL, inventory lookup, product ordering and purchasing, customer satisfaction surveys, hotel lobby kiosks, hotel in-room kiosks, building directories and more.