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Release Notes – 2.2.1
Android Device Enrollment – Agent Links
iOS Actions- Set Wallpaper
iOS Actions- Lost Mode
Device Actions – iOS
Link Zero-Touch Accounts into Moki – Android Enterprise
Release Notes – 2.0.58
Android Enterprise Policy Configurations
Moki Reflect for Agent – APK Download Links
Moki Remote Control- Brightsign
Release Notes – 2.2.0
Require Network Tethering – iOS
Disable Proximity Setup – iOS
Release Notes – 2.0.57
Release Notes – 2.0.56
Moki Reflect – Agent
Files Tab- Brightsign
BrightSign Device Commands
How to delete a device/remove enrollment
Activity Logs – Android Enterprise
Activity Logs – BrightSign
How to Upload Notes to Devices
Apply an App’s Saved Setting from the Devices Tab
Creating and Understanding User Roles and Permissions
How to Create a Shortcut in Launcher
Moki Alerts Overview – Agent
How to Restart My Android Device from Moki
Creating Alerts – Agent
Add the Same Private App to Multiple Moki Android Enterprise Accounts
How to Invite New Users
Using Device Groups to Apply an App’s Saved Settings
Apps Overview – How to Upload and Install an Android App
Pulling The Android Platform Key
Accessing Moki APIs – Android Agent and Android Enterprise
Using My Own Android App with the MokiSDK
Pre-registering your Android Devices
How to use the Run Local Scripts Action
Enable Events for Alerts, Custom Data, Moki SDK, and API calls – Agent
OEM App Config History and Feedback
Alerts – Android Enterprise
Release Notes 2.0.52
Allow login using Facebook credentials with Moki Kiosk
Troubleshooting App Installation on Android Devices
Device Groups Not Sending to All Devices
Swipe not Switching Between Pages
Screensaver is All Black
Can’t Log In to
Changing/Removing the Moki Logo in Moki Kiosk
Adding a New User
Moki and Data Usage
Profile Not In the List
Device Location is not Showing up in Moki
Creating Enrollment Templates for Multiple Devices
Getting Back to the Login Screen
Loading Play Store Apps
Dashboard Shows More Devices than I am Using
Managed Apps Inventory List is Empty
Changing Apps in Enrollment Templates
What is an iOS Supervised device?
Using a Third-Party Android App Without the MokiManagSDK

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