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Using Device Groups to Apply an App’s Saved Settings

Device Groups is a powerful tool that allows you to send a Saved Setting for a Moki-Enabled app to large numbers of devices with very little effort. Moki-Enabled apps would be MokiTouch 2, Launcher or your own app with the Moki SDK embedded into it. If you are applying settings to only one device and want to apply them now, refer to our article, Apply an App’s Saved Setting from the Devices Tab.

Pre-requisite to applying Saved Settings

You will first need to have created a Saved Setting through the Devices tab in order to send settings to a device in this method.

How to Apply Saved Settings

    • Click on the Device Groups tab in the top navigation
    • Find the Device Group you want to send the settings to and click the Create Action Sequence link. Learn how to create a Device Group
Action Sequence
    • Click the Moki-enabled Apps option above the command sequence lineAction Sequence 2-1 (1)
    • Select the app you want to apply settings on and drag the Apply Settings tile into the Command Sequence lineAction Sequence Apply Settings
    • Click the Apply Settings tile, select your Saved Setting and hit Done
      Select Sequence

    • Click the Schedule button on the rightSchedule Action Sequence
    • Select the date and time you want the settings to be appliedSequence Schedule date
    • Set the Run Window for which devices can apply the update and the Expiration of the sequence, or the time when the action will be deleted from the action queue. Then hit Next
      Sequence Time
    • Confirm the sequenceConfirm Sequence
  • You have completed scheduling your settings update, now you can check the Action History to see that it completes or click the View Progress button if your settings will deploy soonSequence Progress

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