Easy IT Management For Modern Patient Interactions

Moki allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to quickly and easily secure and remotely manage the single-purpose devices they use to enhance their patients’ experience. With Moki, the healthcare industry can streamline operations and deliver better-personalized experiences to patients.

Elevate Patient Care with Moki

Centralize Management for Facility Signage

Deploy digital devices to enrich the exam room experience, and use Moki to seamlessly push updates for content across all devices.

Assess Patient Satisfaction

Moki allows providers to learn how they are doing and how to improve their patients’ experience through satisfaction surveys.

Ensure HIPPA Compliance

Lockdown patient-facing devices to a single-purpose to ensure HIPPA compliance.

Provide Telemedicine Services

Save time and increase business efficiency with Moki when you provide telemedicine services. Moki helps you provide a convenient patient experience that increases their satisfaction and turns them into loyal patients.

Increase Patient Engagement

Deploy iOS and Android devices to use explicitly for check-in and scheduling. Moki makes managing these devices simple with remote management, and custom alerts.

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