Top MDM Security Features: How to Secure Mobile Devices

From personal to professional use, mobile devices hold sensitive and confidential information that should be protected at all costs. With that said, mobile device security is crucial. As more and more businesses see the potential of mobile device use in daily operations, adequate data security is becoming increasingly more significant. Today, we will discuss the top MDM (Mobile Device Management) security features that Moki offers to ensure your mobile device fleet is secure and protected at all times. 

The Benefits of Mobile Device Security

Mobile device security is paramount in today’s business world. For one, the costs associated with lost, stolen, or misplaced devices can be significant, resulting in thousands in monetary losses. Moreover, compromised customer data can lead to a slew of issues when it comes to compliance.

The content on the devices must be adequately protected as well, as information security is at risk if users can access unauthorized apps or features on the device. Moreover, unauthorized use can compromise the device’s ability to display the correct content, making it challenging to complete tasks or use the device as intended. 

Moki provides comprehensive mobile device security by ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as SOC II Type I. Moreover, Moki devices do not enable the viewing or processing of data from the applications in the device itself, as the application solely handles this. 

Moki’s Top Mobile Device Security Features

Moki provides many MDM features to help businesses secure their mobile devices. These security features include:

Lockdown: Moki offers an app to lock or kiosk mode, which locks devices into a single application. This means that users cannot access any other application on the device they are locked into.

Device Settings: Moki allows device users to access the device settings for specific items only while blocking access to other areas. This ensures that employees are limited to the device settings relevant to their work and prevents them from tampering with different settings that can pose a security threat.

Factory Reset: Moki can block access to factory reset devices, while users can set up factory reset protection. So, if the device is factory reset, user credentials would be required to set the device up again.

Application Installation: Moki allows businesses to block the ability to install applications and block users’ ability to uninstall applications.

Blocking Capabilities: Moki can block navigation buttons, notifications access, USB connection, and status bar access, which prevent users from tampering with settings that they should not have access to.

Lost Mode: If a device goes missing, Moki activates lost mode to disable it and ping the device’s location.

Password/Passcode Settings: Moki allows device lock screen password/passcodes to be set and changed remotely.

How Moki Helps Business Secure Mobile Devices

One of our customers had a device taken, and they could use Lost Mode to disable its use. By pinging the location, they could find and recover the device, thus preventing a significant monetary loss. Other customers have been prompted by issues resulting from unauthorized use of devices. Moki helped these businesses secure their mobile devices by ensuring they were used for their intended purpose while providing a range of security features that tracked down devices and prevented unauthorized access.

Contact Moki and Enhance Mobile Device Security 

Moki’s MDM solutions provide various security features to ensure businesses secure mobile devices. From device lockdown to lost mode, Moki’s security features help protect sensitive information and prevent monetary loss resulting from compromised devices. Contact Moki today and see why businesses across various industries are leveraging secure MDM. 


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