Dive Into Moki’s MDM Software Features: An Overview of This Year’s Releases

It’s been an exceptional year of growth and development for Moki, with the release of multiple updates for its MDM solutions for iOS, Android, and BrightSign devices. These exciting updates bring a host of innovative features to help you securely manage devices, apps, and users with ease. In this blog post, we’ll look at all the version releases/updates that have made the first half of 2023 an excellent year for Moki’s MDM Software so far.

2.0.95 Android Enterprise & Moki Kiosk 

The 2.0.95 Android Enterprise release from Moki brings enhanced visibility and security to their kiosk software. Notably, users can now easily download app reports, while dynamic URLs add even more flexibility. Here’s a breakdown of each update: 

App Report for Android Enterprise Apps

Moki MDM Software now features an App Report for Android Enterprise Apps, allowing users to download detailed device data. Reports include device ID, model, serial number, Android version, Wifi Mac Address, and more. 

Moki Kiosk 

Moki Kiosk is a web browsing application that provides remote customization and control and has recently updated its features with new improvements. One of the latest updates allows customers to control the ability for users to adjust the volume on their device. Customers can choose to allow or block the use of hardware volume keys to adjust the volume while Moki Kiosk is active. 

Additionally, Moki Kiosk has introduced a new option that displays device information in the settings section. Turning on the device information feature can provide users with details such as the device name, serial number, and ID while turning it off ensures that the section remains inaccessible.

Dynamic URL support is another new capability of Moki Kiosk. This feature allows users to utilize dynamic URLs in the content URL field specific to their tenant or device. This can be done by adding parameters to the URL string, such as:

  • {{SerialNumber}}
  • {{tenantId}}
  • {{deviceId}}

These new features provide additional control and personalization for Moki Kiosk users, enhancing their browsing experience while maintaining security and remote management capabilities.

Release 2.097 for Android Agent

Moki’s second update of the year, Version 2.097, was created explicitly for the Android Agent platform. One of the most significant updates includes the revamped App Report feature, which now provides device-specific data based on the app package name.

This report comprises all versions of that app with the same package name, enabling users to garner granular insights into their app deployment. The update further builds on Version 2.095’s features, ensuring seamless mobile device management and reporting experience.

Release 2.2.24 for iOS App Report

As the third release of the year, Moki’s App Report feature for iOS devices allows users to download a comprehensive app report from the App tab easily. This release offers a more in-depth overview of all devices that currently have the app installed. The update allows you to build reports containing data points such as:

  • Device nickname
  • Device model name
  • Device OS version
  • Serial number
  • Status
  • Version
  • User data size
  • And more

Release 2.0.98 for Android Enterprise & Agent 

The fourth release from Moki this year enables Android Enterprise users to hide unused Policies in their account, providing more customization options in addition to security. Moreover, the Android Agent update allows for directly adding apps to any folder. Here’s a breakdown of this update for both Android Enterprise & Agent:

Android Enterprise

We’ve added a new feature to our MDM software for Android Enterprise that allows users to hide policies assigned to deleted devices. Previously, the Policy Delete function did not work in scenarios where users would attempt to delete a Policy only assigned to deleted devices. However, policies that aren’t assigned to any devices will be deleted entirely if removed, and policies cannot be hidden or deleted if an active device state is present. Users can easily view all hidden policies using the “Show Hidden Policies” toggle and unhide them using the “Unhide Policy” option.

Android Agent 

Android Agent has been updated to offer the ability for users to directly add Apps to any folder within the Apps tab. 

These additions provide greater flexibility and customization options for businesses utilizing our MDM solution.

2.0.100 Release for Android Enterprise, Android Agent, BrightSign, Moki Kiosk & Launcher

Moki’s 2.0.100 version release includes various significant upgrades and improvements. The update to the BrightSign setup specifically addresses issues with the Wifi configuration, which will undoubtedly enhance the user experience. Additionally, the release features a set of robust security enhancements within Moki Kiosk.

This update introduced activity log improvements for Android Enterprise, Android Agent, and the BrightSign platform. These updates enable users to search within the details of each item tracked in Action History, providing a robust and reliable experience for managing device activity logs. Furthermore, the Download CSV option is now more stable than ever, ensuring seamless data exporting.

In addition, Moki has improved app settings template management. Users can now access, create and edit templates in the Apps tab for Android Agent. This feature applies to all Moki SDK enabled apps. Including Moki Kiosk and Moki Launcher. Furthermore, templates for app settings management can be found by opening the Manage Settings Template in the Enrolled Apps folder. Moki users can leverage this feature to edit and create templates, but it should be noted that you cannot change individual device settings.

Moki Kiosk Version 3.7.22

The Moki Kiosk Version 3.7.22, part of the 2.0.100 release, introduces a new setting for internet connection failure. This feature allows users to hide URL content when a device loses internet connection. When enabled, an error message will appear upon connection failure, and will not display the URL the device was attempting to access. Users can also view device information in Moki Kiosk settings locally on their devices. However, this requires Android Agent 3.9.26 or higher. 

Moki Launcher Version 2.8.9

Another update from the 2.0.100 release includes the Moki Launcher version 2.8.9, which offers an exciting new feature allowing easy access to device information. Users should note that Android Agent version 3.9.26 or higher is required to access this option. 

This new setting allows users to view Device Information locally on the device within the Moki Launcher settings. This includes the device name, serial number, and UDID. When the option is turned off, this section is hidden from view.

Release 2.0.101 Android Agent, Android Enterprise & BrightSign

Moki’s MDM software release 2.0.101 brings a new refresh enrollment feature to the Android Agent, while the Policies tab now displays how many devices are assigned to each Android Enterprise Policy.

In addition, BrightSign Devices now have additional device information available under Device Details. If a device remains dormant for extended periods, the Refresh Enrollment option allows updates to apps, profiles, tags, and more. Users also can customize the dormant time length for the refresh option to become available.

Release 2.0.102 Android Agent

The latest Android Agent release from Moki’s MDM software includes a new ‘Last Seen’ filter option. Users can easily filter by specifying a date and searching for devices with ‘Last Seen’ before or after that date. This feature is available across the Devices tab, Device Groups & Reports sections.

Moki: Where Innovation Meets Mobile Device Management

Moki’s solutions continue to push the boundaries of MDM with each new release. And, with every update comes a host of new features and improvements that help businesses of all sizes maximize the productivity of their devices.

Whether you’re an enterprise user, a business using Android or iOS devices, or managing BrightSign digital signage, Moki ensures maximum device efficiency and security. Contact the Moki team today to learn more about how our MDM solutions can help you get the most out of your devices and our latest updates.


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