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Android - Agent

This category covers Moki's Agent/Device Administrator management solution.


This category covers Moki's iOS management solution.

Android Enterprise

This category covers Moki's Android Enterprise management solution.


This category covers Moki's BrightSign management solution.


This category provides general FAQs about Moki's solutions.

News & Updates

This category provides news and updates.
Profiles- iOS
Files Tab- iOS
Action Templates- iOS
Device Actions- Activation Lock
iOS Actions- Set Wallpaper
iOS Actions- Lost Mode
Device Actions – iOS
Require Network Tethering – iOS
Disable Proximity Setup – iOS
Setup DEP & VPP with Moki – Updated
Create and Apply an App Lock Profile
Updating Apps on Supervised Devices
How To Recover a Device Stuck in App Lock Mode
Managed Apps Inventory List is Empty
Problem Sending an App “Device is Busy”
Manager Tour 9 – Actions Tab
Manager Tour 8 – Tags Tab
Manager Tour 3.3 – Actions Bar
Allow Facebook Login But Not Facebook Access
How to Remove an App or Profile
Locating MokiTouch 2 After Prompted
MokiTouch 2 Installation
Using Older iOS App Versions
Manager Tour 5.3 – WiFi Policy
MDM Profile Failed to Install: “Unknown Error”
Scheduling Actions to Multiple Devices
Can’t Access App Settings in Moki
Manager Tour 5.4 – Web Clips Policy
Editing Profile and now Apps are Missing
Dashboard Shows More Devices Than I Am Using

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